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The Man in the Cairo Overcoat.

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October 25 20114109

End of Act 5.

Cinematic 56:


John completes the scratch on the Beat Mesa, fending off a final onslaught of minions.

Bec Noir, having slain the Droll and taken Dad’s wallet, carries Jade to her Quest Bed and lays her on the slab. Then, to escape the Scratch, he flies into the lotus time capsule in the Mystic Meteor just in time for the reckoning to send the meteor through a Skaian defense portal. On the other side, it smashes into the paleozoic Earth, spawning the Mystic Ruins.

Inside the ruins, the lotus releases the Writ Keeper for a short reunion with the Windswept Questant. The flower then rots and disgorges Noir, who murders them both.

Under a sky wracked by the same Red Miles that Noir would later send into the universe by attacking the Speaker of the Vast Croak who contains Earth, the Aimless Renegade blows up the command stations but hesitates to detonate the one in which the Wayward Vagabond is trapped.

Noir beheads the Renegade, dodges the Prospitian Monarch’s attack, enters the cork station, and impales the Vagabond, pulling the uranium fuel from his gut. He then powers up the station and, using a device the Questant had set to target the time and place where the trolls would claim their Ultimate Reward, transportalizes out of the universe that would be doomed by his own hand, covered now with the Vagabond’s blood.

Discovering the Vagabond mortally wounded, the Monarch drags him out of the station, finds his ring, puts it on, and becomes a Powerful Mutt. She pursues Noir to the troll Incipisphere, carrying the mortally wounded mayor and the firefly with her.

Rose and Dave, having slain the Douche Dag, pilot the moon of Derse through the Furthest Ring to destroy the Green Sun, but at their destination they find nothing at all. Diving into the core of their moon, they open The Tumor in their Quest Crypt and wait for two universes to die.

On Alternia’s green moon, Spades Slick shoots Snowman through the heart, destroying the universe of Alternia. His circumstantially simultaneous counterpart, Bec Noir, tears Bilious Slick apart, destroying the universe of Earth.

Doc Scratch plays Gamzee for a sucker.

Triggered by the destruction of both universes, The Tumor detonates, creating the Green Sun and killing Rose and Dave on their sacrificial slabs.

When the Green Sun’s light reaches the trolls, illuminating a path through the Furthest Ring, Sollux sacrifices himself to propel the meteor along that path.

Rose and Dave rise out of the Green Sun and up to godhood as the Seer of Light and the Knight of Time. There they meet Aradia and half-ghost Sollux.

John hurls the scratched Beat Mesa up into Skaia.

On Lofaf, hummingbirds flock to Jade's body and the posts of her Quest Bed light up. On the Battlefield, Jadesprite rises up to godhood as the Witch of Space. Flexing her new powers, she halts the Reckoning, commandeers a Prospitian battleship, and gathers up the Battlefield and the four planets. On deck with John, Jade pulls out and enlarges the Fourth Wall from Grandpa’s lab and flies the ship crashing through the bottom-left pane. Through the window a rapid time-lapse of earlier Homestuck images plays in reverse, rewinding through the introductions of herself, Rose, and John, culminating in the first page of Homestuck, and fading out.

Tatters and fire.



[S] Cascade.


October 31 2011 4111

Intermission 2.

Cinematic 57:


The ultimate virus executes.

Lord English bursts from Doc Scratch’s body, summons his Cairo Overcoat from between Hussie’s fourth walls, and utters the Vast Honk.

[S] Begin intermission 2.

November 2 2011 4112