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Act 7

The Rapture

and Credits

Post Canon

Spoilers ahead!
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Act 7 and the Credits are too short to need a separate synopsis. The update summary, below, describes the action in this finale.

Act 7 and Credits by date posted
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April 13 2016 8127

Act 7.

Cinematic 110: A Universe was Birthing in Front of Me.

The Rings of Orbs Fourfold light the Forge, propelling the genesis tadpole into Skaia. The tadpole begins to metamorphose and dives into the hole in the Battlefield by which John excavated The Tumor. There, the tadpole completes its metamorphosis. It eats the Battlefield and becomes the splendid Genesis Frog, embodiment of a new universe.

The Muse of Space makes a black hole next to the Green Sun. It eats the Sun and the surrounding space of the Furthest Ring. Aradia gets her wish to see this whole place break apart.

Vriska is ready to use her weapon. She opens the chest and produces an image of a house which contains the aspects of Breath, Light, Time, and Space. This artefact does something ambiguous to Lord English.

In Yaldabaoth’s lair, Caliborn smashes the judgment clock and receives the clockwork majyyks.

A door to the ultimate reward appears before those assembled on the lilypad. They will take Earth through to their new universe and terraform it. The ocean which covered Earth will recede and terrestrial life will return. Carapacians will live on Earth with the victors, fulfilling the promise of Can Town.

John reaches for the doorknob.

The end.


[S] ACT 7


October 24 2016 8129

Pseudogame 31: Thanks for Playing.

Cinematic 111: Credits.

In snapshots from Earth C, the victors return to the lab meteor which crashed into Earth. They go to the ectobiology lab and make human, troll, and carapacian babies. They leave these babies in the care of mature carapacians, then time travel forward to live in a later stage of the resulting civilization.

They are hailed as the “creators” and proclaimed kings and queens:

  • John and Jane are crowned in the Human Kingdom, accompanied by Dad and Nannasprite.
  • Karkat, Terezi, Dave, and Jade are crowned in the Troll Kingdom.
  • Rose, Roxy, Kanaya, and Callie are crowned in the Carapacian Kingdom.
  • Jake and Dirk are crowned in the Consort Kingdom, accompanied by GCatavrosprite.

John celebrates his seventeenth birthday. Rose and Kanaya marry. Dave, Karkat, and Jade excavate shitty Liberties. Dirk makes a skull-monster–shaped sparring partner.

By the time John turns eighteen, Terezi has left Universe C to look for Vriska in the disintegrating Furthest Ring. Her search seems fruitless.

Jane remakes CrockerCorp. Jake remakes SkaiaNet, though its only seeming function is to get his ass on television. Kanaya oversees the Mother Grub and her wiggler broods.

On his nineteenth and twentieth birthdays, John is increasingly solitary. Finally Caliborn sends him a snap spoiling for a fight. This may be what provokes the battle depicted in Caliborn’s masterpiece.

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